Friday, July 31, 2009

Life's Lists Friday!!

Hey everybody!! I haven't posted anything in a while, I'm slacking!! But seeing as how school season is starting again, I'll be busy writing essay's so maybe I should start blogging while I'm at the computer. I decided to have a new little segment like thing, known as LIFE'S LISTS FRIDAY! Lets start now:

10 Reasons I blog:

1. To communicate with other crafty people out there!

2. I find it entertaining.

3. There are many things to learn through blogging!

4. It keeps me up to date!

5. It is nice to know whats going on outside my own little world!

6. I find many tempting shopping opportunities through some blogs.

7. Its a great way to meet new people.

8.I love being social!

9. Even if noone listens, it feels good to voice my opinion.

10. Its fun!!

What are your 10?

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Ann said...

Welcome back =)