Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its been long enough..

Hello, fellow bloggers!! I havent been on here in FOREVER! I've been so busy that whenever I get on the computer, time only allows 5 minutes of facebook (My New Addiction!!)! Not much is going on except for..

1. My new camera!! I had a purple polaroid that was VERY unreliable. It would turn off when I pressed the zoom button and the battery ran out in less than a day, so I got this beautiful Kodak camera and I LOVE IT!!

2. My AMAZING new TV!! I had to crack into my savings to buy thin $300 HD TV with LCD and a built in DVD player.. Now if only I knew what all that meant!!
Ahhh.. Isn't it georgeous??! ;)

3. Now this isnt major at all, but it so adorable!! Barkley got a new collar! Its so cute and Preppy!!
Well, thats all for now!!!
Mary Claire

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