Friday, December 12, 2008

Woo Hoo! Weekend!

Yes! Friday is here! One of the great things friday entails: Cheap Pizza Night! Yes, I know I shouldn't look forward to food, but I'm changing it up and getting Cheesy Crust Pizza! Okay, its official, im 100% a dork!

In Christmas news....

I'd LOVE to get one of the snow covered trees like last year..(as seen on the left!)
But as I'm sure you've found out, there not necesarily cheap! So we got a regular one and cans of spray snow! Hey, being creative save money!!

Now, moving on to crayons... ( I should change this from WooHooFriday to Random Friday!) I have the cutest story!

My Dads mom owns a hair shop and one of the customers (as all of the other ones!) is elderly. She was coloring with her grandaughter when the lady picked a beige crayon to color the sweater. Her four or five year old says "Really, Nana? Beige? Beige is so last season!" I laughed and laughed and laughed!!

Well, i wish you a merry Friday and a happy weekend!



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